...are having several houses, hosting meetings,
esp. for groups.

  • Every type of house has got his own style
  • All houses are very personal and cosy
    furnished by original arrangement

Particularly suitable for children, teenager and
adults, pupils and kindergarten.

  • Yoga, meditation and theatre groups
  • Leasure time for handycapped people
    and families
  • Students, confirmation- classes or
    -parties, sporting clubs and what ever
    your interest is and you can think of...
  • and much more

It is ment for everyone who is interested to be
involved in groups therapy
and having fun surounded by other like-minded
people - away from hektik of life in small villages
or totally lonesome under the wide sky of

The optimum for us is an individual and specific
offer and supply you a long-felt want.
Some houses also offer their own seminars.

Tagungshaus bei der Rapsblüte Tagungshaus in alter Villa Seminarraum moderne Küchentechnik
Seminarhaus Lagerfeuer Speiseraum Tagungshaus im Frühling Begegnungsstätten Tagungshaus im Grünen
Bewegungsarbeit Helle, freundliche Schlafräume Tagungshaus mit Aussicht Kanutouren Seminarraum Tagungshaus
Helle, freundliche Schlafräume Wikingerschiff
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