The house is placed on a warft near to the Nationalpark
Wattenmeer. It is big enough for groups up to 30 people
on 500 m² surface area including 9 bedrooms, 3 meetings-
and seminar rooms. A grand area is surrounding the house,
room enough for people with creative interests.
Ebbüll is a brilliant place for individual person and
their ideas to be full filled.

Ebbüller Weg 2 · 25924 Emmelsbüll-Horsbüll
Tel. 0049-4665-664 · Fax. 0049-4665-9839811
This house is to be found in a small village directly at
the Haddebyer Noor not far away from the City Schleswig
(6 km). We are having nine bed rooms with 30 bed places,
a huge living kitchen, one big room with a fire place and
a seminar room on 110m surface with a separate smaller room
and bathroom.
Outside the house you will find a place prepared for bathing,
an open fire place, a playground, Wiking court and canoes.

Klöndeel e.V.
Noorweg 15 · 24857 Fahrdorf
Tel. 0049-4621-33124 · Fax. 0049-4621-996173
Tagungshaus Güby gives place to 30 people.
The basement of the house is prepared for handycapped
people in wheelchairs. You will find here one big
meetingroom, 1 kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 3 toilets,a sauna
and on upper floor cosy sofas placed in corner.
There is also to be found one fitness room, 3 rooms
with showers and toilets included, one room separately
without toilet. People who sleep in this room have to
use the floor WC.
Outside the house you will find 3000m2 ground including
an open fire place to feel free for activities. There is
also a big terrace, a barbecue place topped by a roof
and possibilities for playing table tennis.

Tagungshaus Güby
Dorfstr. 8 · 24357 Güby
Tel. 0049-4354-1287 · Fax. 0049-4354-986371
Our Nordseehof is located in Friedrichskoog between
the Port with the seal station and Friedrichskoog tip
with Bathing facilities. We can accommodate three groups
because it's plenty of space here. We have four lounges,
large grounds and a play barn.
We offer half and full board.
At certain times you can also book self-catering.
Ferienhof Timmermann
Altfelder Weg 52 · 25718 Friedrichskoog
Tel. 0049-4854-9164 · Fax. 0049-4854-9120
Meeting house Hoegener Wisch is complete made out for
handicapped people in wheelchairs and very cosy as well.
We have place enough for 25 people. Seminar rooms with
chimney oven and conservatory. The leisure room has got a
football kicker, snooker as well as table tennis.
You may develope your own pictures in a special made up
lab room and for wood work there is a special workshop
to be found. A huge garden with a meadow, a playing ground
and barbecue place. Live animals like fowl, sheep and cats
round up the nice impression of this house.

Tagungshaus Hoegener Wisch e.V.
Hoegener Wisch 3 · 25779 Hägen
Tel. 0049-4836-1347 · Fax. 0049-4836-861338
In this place you can relax with nice long walking tours within
woods, between meadows and lakes in the middle of quiet
nature. The house is surrounded by a huge pleasant tract of
ground with a fire place and where tents can be placed as well.
You will find 2 big rooms for seminars with 140m2 and 35m2
having a chimney and a lovely conservatory. 36 people will
find place in 12 guestrooms. Self cooking in a separate
kitchen is possible or catering biological food care if
you wish.

Seminarhaus Engelland
Hauptstr.14 · 25585 Lütjenweststedt
Tel. 0049-4872-2353 · Fax. 0049-4872-2024
You will find the Ulenspiegel meeting house in the middle of
the Nature Park near to the Kieler Förde surrounded by a
60.000 square metre terrain with huge old trees and meadows
which can be used for sporting activities and used as a ground
for fun and play. Nearby you will find an open fire place,
a lake with the possibility to swim (custody kept) and
a Thing-circle. Around there you can see cows, sheep and
horses. Inside the house are 16 bed rooms, 8 sanitary rooms
and 3 rooms for groups with 40/60/80m2 to be found. A large
kitchen invites you for self cooking, 2 smaller kitchen for
preparing tea and a TT-room gives place for 50 people
spending their holiday in the Ulenspiegel house.

Looper Weg 94 · 24589 Schülp bei Nortorf
Tel. 0049-4329-1222 · Fax. 0049-4329-1222
Come in and forget the working-days, relax and feel welcome
in our historical farmhouse founded in 1869 in the middle
of the "Switzerland of Holstein" near to the Baltic sea.
We are offering 36 guests 15 lovely rooms with antique
furniture, 4 seminar- and meeting rooms. A huge idyllic
contry garden invites you to relax and dream and gives you
power for activities and being creative. To the equipment
of the house belongs a piano, a snooker place, table tennis,
fully seminarequipements and a barbecue place. Catering
service with biologically cultivated food is possible.

Hof´Am Wege´
23715 Liensfeld H.-H.-Sievert-Str. 15 Tel. 0049-4527-1035
Seminars, meetings, workshops leisure time and more can be
found at the border of a small village in the nature park
Aukrug. 34 beds, 10 rooms, 9 comfortable bathrooms,
a chimney- and dining room, a separate fitness room with
120 m2 with a stage for performances.
Catering by agreement is possible, a cooking place is
available, for outside enjoyment you will find a terrasse,
huge outside ground with fire place, floor trampolin
jumping. The whole house is suitable for handicapped
people in wheelchairs.

Tagungshaus Nindorf
Osterree 1 · 24594 Nindorf
Tel. 0049-4871-1518 · Fax. 0049-4871-7385
You will find the youth holiday-home Tannenhöhe 5 kilometres
away from the Baltic sea at the border of the Nature Park
"Holsteinische Schweiz" directly at the lake in Süsel.
62 beds in 9 scandinavien "Ganzdachhäusern/Roofhouses" are
waiting for our guests.
You will find seminar rooms and rooms for groups to have
their meetings. A nice big outside ground for different
undertaking suitable like laying on a meadow after being
swimming in the lake nearby or building up tents for
individual holidays. If you wish to visit the Hansapark
you can walk from here to reach it because it is not far away.

Jugendferienheim Tannenhöhe
Am Tannenberg 13 · 23701 Süsel
Tel. 0049-4524-8485 · Fax. 0049-4524-705418
In the old cultural park Groß Thurow within the area of
Schaalsee we are offering 34 and 36 places splitted into two
houses. On the huge 1ha area outside there is a bakery house
for self baking bread, a childrens climbing castle, a fire
place, a big swing, a meadow 300 meter away to relax after
swimming. We shall organize your canoe tours throughout the
landscape of the Schaalsee area and we are going together
with you on wiking boats on the lake Ratzeburger See. We are
looking forward hearing from you.

Begegnungsstätte am Goldensee
Kneeser Straße 26 · 19205 Groß Thurow
Tel. 0049-4542-822521 · Fax. 0049-4542-822529
Tagungshaus Winterrade bietet 30 Leuten in einem
umgebauten Gehöft auf weitläufigem Gelände im
Erdgeschoss 1 Gruppenraum, 1 Küche, 8 Schlafräume,
5 WC, 1 Arbeitsraum, 1 Speiseraum, im Obergeschoss
2 Zimmer mit DU/WC und eine grosse Wohnküche
Draussen gibt es einen Beach-Volleyball und einen Boule-
Platz, sowie Grillplatz und Feuerstelle
Haus und Hof sind für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet

Tagungshaus Winterrade
Winterrade 3 · 24857 Borgwedel
Tel. 0049-4354-996475 · Fax. 0049-4354-986371
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