90€ 12-20.-€ +16.-
You will find the Ulenspiegel meeting house in the middle of
the Nature Park near to the Kieler Förde surrounded by a
60.000 square metre terrain with huge old trees and meadows
which can be used for sporting activities and used as a ground
for fun and play. Nearby you will find an open fire place,
a lake with the possibility to swim (custody kept) and
a Thing-circle. Around there you can see cows, sheep and
horses. Inside the house are 16 bed rooms, 8 sanitary rooms
and 3 rooms for groups with 40/60/80m2 to be found. A large
kitchen invites you for self cooking, 2 smaller kitchen for
preparing tea and a TT-room gives place for 50 people
spending their holiday in the Ulenspiegel house.